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Item # Description
Lot - 1 M23-A

Amazing Murano Art Glass Hand Blown Sculpture of gold birds on a clear branch. The birds are infused with gold flecks. Signed as seen in pictures. It measures 12 1/2 " tall by 8 1/4 " wide.

Lot - 2 M23-D

Three Beautiful Murano Candlesticks with Golden Globes. Hand Blown with gold flecks infused in the glass in the globes and in the base of the stems. Signed as seen in pictures. They measure 13 3/4", 11 3/4" and 9 3/4 " tall.

Lot - 3 M23-B

Fabulous Murano Glass Fish and Turtle with gold flecks infused in the glass. Signed as seen in pictures. The fish measures 5 " tall by 9 " long and 1 1/2 " wide. The turtle measures 7 1/4 inch long.

Lot - 4 M23-A

Tatiana Faberge Egg Shape Outlined in Pave? Stones. It has a crown at the top. A bird is hanging from the center. The original box is included and signed Tatiana Faberge (1930-2020) the great granddaughter of the Peter Carl Faberge. Pairs with item 4, 6-9.

Lot - 5 M23-A

Five Amazing Murano Paperweights all are infused with gold flecks in the glass. These include a round sphere, pear, apple, oval and egg shape. They are signed as seen in pictures. The pear measures 5 " tall.

Lot - 6 M23-A

Tiny Faberge Embellished Frame with a Picture of Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna signed on the back Tatiana Faberge. Part of the Faberge Imperial Collection. It comes with the original box. Pairs with item 4, 6-9.

Lot - 7 M23-A

Tiny Faberge Embellished Heart-shaped Frame with a picture of Princess Anastasia Romanov. It comes with the original box. Pairs with items 4, 6-9.

Lot - 8 M23-A

Tiny Faberge Red Imperial Spring Flowers Egg on a stand, stamped Faberge on the bottom. Also included is the original box signed Tatiana Faberge on the inside. Pairs with items 4, 6-9.

Lot - 9 M23-A

Two Gilded Faberge Trees with an extending branch. Perhaps to hold your own Faberge treasures. They each measure 6 3/4 " tall by 4 " long at the base. Both are signed Tatiana Faberge in gold ink on the black stone base. Pairs with items 4, 6-9.

Lot - 10 M23-A

Four lovely Collector Boxes including a Limoges hinged porcelain egg with gilded trim. It is marked on the bottom, a round Limoges Castel hinged Box with gilded floral accents made in France, a round Cloisonne Box with lid. It has multicolored floral designs with a teal colored interior. An 1981 Cardinal hinged Box American Collection Staffordshire Enamel made in England.

Lot - 11 M23-B

Six Napkin Rings with beautiful floral design by Jay Strongwater. They come with the original boxes and fabric pouches. Elegant items crafted to last a lifetime!

Lot - 12 M23-B

Three sets of silver salt-and-pepper shakers. The taller set is marked Rogers Sterling Weighted 3020 and had a different top for the pepper. They measure 4 1/2 " tall. The smaller two sets are marked Sterling Weighted as seen in pictures and each measure 3" tall. Because they are weighted they are not weighted.

Lot - 13 M23-B

Arrowsmith Sterling Silver Footed Pierced Compote marked weighted that measures 6" tall, an S Sterling Silver Short candlestick marked filled weighted that measures 3" tall and a Crown Sterling footed Compote marked weighted that measures 3 " tall.

Lot - 14 M23-B

Gorham Sterling Silver Three Light Candelabra Candlesticks marked Sterling weighted 808/1 that measures 11 1/2 " tall, an S Sterling Silver Three Light Candelabra Candlesticks marked Sterling filled weighted that measures 5 3/4" tall and a Gorham Sterling Silver Single Candlestick marked Sterling weighted 808/1 that measures is 8 3/4" tall.

Lot - 15 M23-B

Four Sterling Silver Cartier Salt and Pepper Shakers. They each measure 1 1/2" tall. Together they weigh 26.4 grams and they come with the red Cartier display box.

Lot - 16 M23-B

Beautifully engraved Sterling Silver Cigarette Case that measures 5 1/4 " long by 3 " wide. It weighs 130 grams and is marked as seen in pictures.

Lot - 17 M23-B

Lovely Sterling Silver Sugar Caster that weighs 195 grams and is marked as seen in pictures.

Lot - 18 M23-B

Collection of Sterling Silver Flatware, a Fisher Sterling Silver Creamer, and Sugar marked Fisher sterling 07 and a Sterling Silver Christening Cup marked Sterling 05. There are Sterling Silver spoons, forks and a butter knife marked as seen in picture. Together they weigh 389 grams.

Lot - 19 M23-B

Wonderful Steuben Hand Blown Crystal American Eagle on a Sphere. Designed by John Houston in 1964. It's wings are spread as if it is ready to fly. Signed Steuben as seen in pictures. It measures 5 3/4 " tall. Made in USA.

Lot - 20 M23-B

Six Delightful Herend Hand Painted Porcelain Animal Figurines in the famous blue fishnet pattern with gilded and multicolored accents these include a fish, a pair of ducks and three different rabbits. Made in Hungary. All marked on the bottom.

Lot - 21 M23-D

Fabulous Art Glass Pineapple made for Ethan Allen run number 48864 in Italy. It measures 9 3/4 " tall. It has felt dots on the bottom to keep your furniture from being scratched.

Lot - 22 M23-D

"A Quiet Moment" by Timothy P Schmalz. Tender Statue of the Holy Family for Holy family ministries.com. This solid resin-stone cast is left in its natural Carrara white color. It measures 9 " tall.

Lot - 23 M23-D

Beautiful Multicolored Banded and Embellished Picture Frame by Jay Strongwater that has an easel back frame. It measures 7 1/4 " wide by 9 1/4 inch tall. Marked Jay Strongwater on the back. Made in USA.

Lot - 24 M23-F

Two Lladro Daisa Restless Doves that measure 5 1/2" tall. Please note the beak tip of one is missing. Also included is Lladro Couple of Doves. All handmade in Spain. Marked on the bottom as seen in pictures.

Lot - 25 M23-D

Stunning hand carved Alabaster Vase. It has open work with leaves and cherries. It measures 5 1/2" tall.

Lot - 26 M23-D

Tiffany Keepsake Jewelry Box crafted with high quality Tiffany blue leather with a white suede interior. It includes fold out compartments with snap latches to keep your pieces from becoming tangled. Made "Exclusively for Tiffany" label in the interior.

Lot - 27 M23-E

Exquisite set of 12 Royal Worcester Dinner Plates that measure 10 1/2 " in diameter. White fine china background with navy pattern with gold floral, mesh and trim. They were made in England.

Lot - 28 M23-D

Beautiful Set of 12 Salad Plates in the Cradley pattern circa 1768 Reproductions of Early Worcester made by Royal Worcester in England. They each measure 8 " in diameter. White fine china background with pink border with green leaves and purple scrolls.

Lot - 29 M23-E

White Hand Painted Depose Salad Plate that measures 8 1/2 " in diameter signed J.A. Bingham November 1909 made in France and lovely Limoges Transferware Platter with a courting scene that measures 15" x 12" Limoges marked France. E.Offner New-Orleans.

Lot - 30 M23-D

Beautiful Sterling Silver and Gold Tacori Etched Link Bracelet marked .925/18K It weighs 63 grams.

Lot - 31 M23-D

David Yurman Classic Sterling Silver Cable Bracelet it is marked 925 DY and weighs 44 grams.

Lot - 32 M23-D

David Yurman Classic Sterling Silver Cable Bracelet with a 10K Gold Clasp marked 925/585 DY and weighs 53 grams.

Lot - 33 M23-D

Elegant Sterling Silver Christening Cup with engraved floral designs marked 925 and weighs 140 grams. It measures 3 " in diameter by 3 3/4" high at the handle.

Lot - 34 M23-D

Two Beautiful engraved Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets, a Sterling Silver Heart Earring and a Sterling Silver Rectangular Pendant marked 925 as seen in pictures. Together they weigh 63 grams.

Lot - 35 M23-B

Elegant Steuben Triune Footed Crystal Art Glass Vase. Marked Steuben it measures 9 1/2 " tall and 5 " wide at the base. Made in USA.

Lot - 36 M23-C

Lovely Classic Sterling Silver Chain Link Bracelet with toggle close. Marked 925, it weighs 84 grams.

Lot - 37 M23-B

Sterling Silver Bracelet with possible Onyx polished cabochons linked together. Also included is a Sterling Silver Link Bracelet with three round polished turquoise stones linked together. Both marked 925.

Lot - 38 Gal-C-4

"When Horse Flesh Comes High" by Charles M. Russell Offset Lithograph Fine Art Print number 245. It was originally painted in 1909. Double matted and professionally framed. It measures 31" x 43".

Lot - 39 Gal-C-4

Limited Edition Print on Canvas Number 82/100 signed by the artist. Chairs in front of a table with books and flowers. It measures 34" x 30" wide.

Lot - 40 Foyer-4

Clayton Mansion, the home of Henry Clay Frick from 1882–1905, painted by Ray Dunlevy in 1998. It comes with a picture light. Professionally framed by Countryside Frame shop I think it's the Frick house and measures 29.25 x 35". Framed and beautiful gilded frame.

Lot - 41 M23-C

Two Antique Replication Prints of Clipper ships, the first is Saxony of Boston Tall Ship Print by Belgian Artist Petrus Weyts. The second is Schooner Montana of Barnstable Prince Bearse Master. They both are matted and framed in matching frames and measure 14/2 " by 17 ".

Lot - 42 Foyer-4

Original Oil Painting "Floral" in a 19th Century Style depicting an archway decorated with pink and white ribboned bow supporting dangling floral arrangement framed by floral swags with two feathered birds. Signed by the artist Jeannine Albert (French, b. 1939-). The frame measures 13 " wide by 38 " tall. It comes with a painting light.

Lot - 43 Gal-C-4

"The Meet at Badminton" hand-colored engraving by William Giller after William and Henry Barraud. It was originally published in London in 1847. Professionally framed, it measures 40" x 30" tall.

Lot - 44 Gal-C-4

"Getting Even - Great Horned Owl & Crows" Signed Limited Edition Print By Owen Gromme Published in 1981 by Wild Wings of Minnesota number 297/850. Professionally double matted and framed by Landmarks Gallery, it measures 33" x 28".

Lot - 45 Foyer-3

Two different Wild Rose Berries Art Prints by Pauline Eble Campanelli in 1987. (Mislabeled Pepperberries number 8989 and 8998.) Rose berries with apples in a handwoven basket and the second has rose berries in a hand woven basket. They are matted and framed. They each measured 22" x 24"

Lot - 46 Gal-B-4

"Purity" 1908 Joseph Hoover and Sons Print of a Woman Holding a Lily that measures 21.75" x 17.75" and a Close Up Fragment (Bombay Company Reproduction) taken from "Madonna and Sleeping Child and Three Angels" by Bernardino Luini, c.1532 in a gilded ornate frame that measures 12" x 13 1/2 ".

Lot - 47 Gal-B-4

Chinese Calligraphy in Running Script. Double matted and framed ina narrow gilded frame under glass by Concept Art Gallery. It measures 32" x 12 x 13".

Lot - 48 Gal-B-4

"The Proffered Kiss" 1836 engraving by G.T. Doo, with an inscription dedicated to Lord Charles Townshend and stating that the work was begun by Sir Thomas Lawrence and finished by Henry Wyatt. Framed by Michael's Custom Framing, it measures 25 1/2 " by 22 1/2 ".

Lot - 49 Gal-B-7

Original Oil of on Canvas Two Red Flowers in a Pitcher beautifully framed in a black and silver frame. It is signed by the artist in the lower right hand corner, it retailed for $120 and measures 16" x 14 1/2".

Lot - 50 Gal-B-7

Beautiful Hand Painted possible Door Fragment with keyhole. that measures 23" x 10 1/4 ".

Lot - 51 Gal-B-6

An Italian Print framed with a label on back "Hand made in Italy-Style 9940. It measures 16" x 12" and a Decoupage Wine Guide Board with Wine Types and Their Uses and Cooking with Wine By Arts Primarily in Los Angeles, California that measures 28" x 20".

Lot - 52 Gal-B-6

"Lilium martagon Turk's Cap Lily" fabulous Botanical Art Print by Pierre Joseph Redoute originally painted in 1835. Double matted and framed by Jerry W Horn Gallery it measures 29 1/2 " by 21 1/4 ".

Lot - 53 Gal-C-4

"W. and W. Railroad Dunn Station" Signed limited edition Print by Malcolm Purcell in 1979 number 25/750. Double matted and framed by Zimmerman Gallery in Washington, PA. It measures 42 1/4" x 28".

Lot - 54 Gal-B-6

"Passe Temps Des Dames" These two fashion plates of Victorian ladies were done by Henri Pingot who was active in salons from 1848-1870. These charming "Ladie's Time" lithography prints were done in 1940. They each measure 22" x 16.75".

Lot - 55 Foyer-3

Studio Portrait portrait of a Woman holding a Cherry Blossom. Perhaps another Joseph Hoover and Sons Print. The wonderful oval frame measures 20" x 26".

Lot - 56 Gal-C-4

"Bell Gate Moon Lorn" signed by the artist Malcolm Purcell and Foxey in 1981. Number 125/750 Moon Lorn was the home of the artist from 1925 until his death in 1987. Double matted and framed by the Zimmerman Gallery. It measures 29 1/4" x 32".

Lot - 57 Gal-B-7

"Our Flag is There!" Our Flag is There Naval officers and crew hoist the American Flag on board one of the nine Union Navy gunboats blockading Mobile, Alabama, possibly U.S.S. SCIOTA, under an early morning sky. Painted by the artist Alfred R. Waud, it made the cover illustration of Harper’s Weekly, on Feb. 13, 1864. It is double matted and framed by I.A. G in Pittsburgh. It measures 18 1/4" x 17".

Lot - 58 Gal-B-6

"Young Girl with a Rose" by Jean Baptiste Greuze in the rococo style. The original was painted between 1765-80. It measures 25" x 21" Also included is a Portrait of a Lady probably from the 1760s. The original title and author is obscured by the mat. It measures 25 3/4" x 21 3/4", please note the corner needs a bit of repair.

Lot - 59 Gal-B-4

"A Hunting Morning" wonderful vintage hunting scene. Originally painted by Sheldon Williams and published July 24th 1878 By G.P. McQueen. Double matted and framed by Create A Frame. Pairs with item 60.

Lot - 60 Foyer-4

Old English Fox Hunt Acquaint by Edward Gilbert Hester after the British artist Sheldon Williams 1841-1880. Published in London July 1878. Please note "Gone Away" by Sheldon Williams has the horses, hounds and riders moving to the right. Double matted and framed by Create A Frame. Pairs with item 59.