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Item # Description
Lot - 1 M2-B

Beautiful 14K Gold Chain Necklace with a lobster clasp. It was made in Italy and marked 14K. It weighs a 10.8 grams and measures 22 " long.

Lot - 2 M1-B

Lovely 14K Gold Open Chain Necklace, it is marked 14K and weighs 3 grams. It measures 26 " long.

Lot - 3 M11-B

Charming 10K Gold Bracelet that has a beautiful design of curves and leaves. It has a lobster clasp and measures 8 " long It weighs 6.1 grams.

Lot - g M9-B

A Pair of Vintage Earrings and a Gold Necklace, they are marked 10K. The necklace measures 16 1/2" long. Please note there are several knots as seen in pictures. Together they weigh 4.5 grams.

Lot - 5 M12-B

A group of 10K Jewelry including a pair of Opal Pierced Earrings, Gold Ball Pierced Earrings and Angel Pierced Earrings. There is an Eagle and two Cross Pendants. They are all marked 10K and together weigh 6.2 grams.

Lot - 6 M4-B

A Round Gold Frame Photo Pin and a Ring with a blue faceted stone and leaf design. They are marked 10K and weigh 7.6 grams.

Lot - 7 M12-C

Collection of Six Sterling Silver Chain Necklaces in various forms and links. They are all marked Sterling and weigh 79.9 grams.

Lot - 8 M8-B

Collection of Sterling Silver Earrings and Pendants, please let the pictures be your guide. There is also a five year pin. Together they weigh 39.0 grams and are all marked Sterling.

Lot - 9 M3-B

Collection of Crosses, Hearts and Floral Pendants together with their matching chains. All are marked Sterling and together they weigh 51 grams.

Lot - 10 M6-B

Collection of 12 Women's Rings some with faceted stones and polished stones. Please let the pictures be your guide. Together they weigh 54.6 grams and are marked Sterling.

Lot - 11 M7-C

Collection of eleven various Bracelets and Chains, one bracelet has polished amber colored stones as seen in pictures. They are marked Sterling/Gold Filled and together they weigh 60.3 grams.

Lot - 12 M7-B

Collection of three pairs of Pierced Earrings and one matching Necklace and a small Playboy Bunny pendant. They are marked Sterling and together weigh 32.5 grams.

Lot - 13 M9-C

Broken sections of14K Gold Chain Necklaces. Together they weigh 6.3 grams.

Lot - 14 M11-C

Beautiful green cabochon hanging pendant that is surrounded by a circle of diamond chips or small CZs. There is a chain necklace It is marked 14K and it weighs 15.1 grams.

Lot - 15 M2-C

Collection of two Rings, two Pendants and a pair of pierced earrings with black polished stones wrapped in a gold frame. They all are marked 14K and together they weigh 9.8 grams.

Lot - 16 M1-C

Pretty Pendant that reads Grandma with a rose beneath and a pair of small hoop Pierced Earrings they are marked 14K and together they weigh 2.3 grams.

Lot - 17 M18-A

Pair of Oval Shaped Pierced Earrings and a Heart Charm Bracelet. They are marked 10K and together they weigh 5.0 grams.

Lot - 18 M21-C

Punch 800 4-Channel Amplifier by Rockford Fosgate. Model G800a4. It is new in box.

Lot - 19 War-3

JL Audio Floor Speaker that measures 32" x 14".

Lot - 20 War-3

Lockjaw SKS by Yakima made in USA. This upright mount with locking "jaws" clamp your bike's downtube, providing a convenient way to transport almost many styles of bicycle. It is new in box.

Lot - 21 Q-2

Seven Blue Groneberg Cables with audio plugs model WBT 0101. Made in Germany

Lot - 22 M23-D

A Pair of Scan.Speak Speakers made in Germany type 21W/ 8552 code 3247 PW 112 These are new in package.

Lot - 23 M23-C

Six Musicaps including 3 that are sized 1.5/100V 7435-56 All made in the USA. Four PB-MKP-FC Audio Capacitors Made in France. One box labeled China 12AU7 New ShuGang and one box labeled Sylvania 12AU7 NOS 1959 in a MiniBox-D. Three small bundles of wire the red ones are marked Solen 18mm Made in Canada. Several P312 ECG 15 (Olms) 5 % Resistors attached to An Audio Relay with circular set prongs. Please let the pictures be your guide.

Lot - 24 M26-A

Four different audio cables one is marked Chopin by The Gallery of Art. One reads NC*MX Neutrik. One is labeled TA – 008 Audio Signal Cable 1 m / pair. The red ones read Signal Cable.

Lot - 25 M27-B

Eminent Technology Tonearm 2, a Signature audio cable and EarMax Audio Advancements made in Lincoln Park NJ SN 385029. Please let the pictures be yourguide.

Lot - 26 M17-E

Signal Cable Made in the USA, Synergistic Resources A/C Master Coupler, the other has a triangle tag that translates Certificate of Compliance Xindak FP-Gold.

Lot - 27 M11-C

Four Hospital Grade Signal Cables by Marigo Audio Lab Made in USA.

Lot - 28 M6-D

Two Fat Man-K Electric Glide Cables # 1004 The label reads Electra Glide Audio PT/Tri/Fatboy/REF/Glides Signal Glides/Signature www.electraglideaudi.com

Lot - 29 M18-B

Original High Definition Compatible Digital HDCD 24Bit CD Player Model No. CD-2008 MK-II Class 1 Laser Product Manufactured by Original Electronics LTD. It measures 17" x 12 1/2" x 5".

Lot - 30 M22-D

Audio-Technica Condenser Stereophone Adapter manufactured by Audio-Technica Corp. in Tokyo Japan. There are also two Audio-Technica Stereo Headphones model AT – 706 with cords and cables as seen in pictures.

Lot - 31 M17-A

Beautiful Power Amplifier model JA-88D Controller with four options mode, mute, volume up and volume down. It comes with cords and instruction book as well as a custom screwdriver.

Lot - 32 M23-C

Jockford Fosgate "the connecting punch" punch cap Reinforcement Capacitor RPE 7400 / RP 7402 / RP 7405 RP 7410 / RP 7430 / RP 7435 with Installation and Application Manual. It measures 9 " tall and comes new in package.

Lot - 33 M2-C

Marantz Compact Disc Player and Remote Control unit model RC – 5200. Made in Belgium and manufactured in February of 1992.

Lot - 34 M23-B

Sony Time Recording Remote with instructions on the back and an Audiomecca Remote.

Lot - 35 M17-C

Five cables from Clarity Labs still in their original packaging. They are labeled Harvest Balanced 1.5 M Length, Musica Bella SG Series III 1 M Length, Emberglow Balanced 1 M Length, Harvest Balanced 1 M in Length.

Lot - 36 M2-B

Sennheiser HD 580 Precision Headphone with cable and connector. It comes in the original box.

Lot - 37 M11-D

Limitless Wasatch Cable Works, it comes in the original wooden box. Also included are a red Nordost Signal Cable made in the USA and a BJC Series Cable -1 HDMI 6 feet / 1.83 meters Assembled in China from parts of US and China.

Lot - 38 M8-C

Three black Furutech Supply Cables ES742 Ultra / Super Shielded FMT/REI Dedicated FP-314-Ag OFC Series

Lot - 39 M17-D

Five Supply Cables in different colors, lengths and thickness with different endings. Please let the pictures be your guide. The pink cable is marked ensemble digiflux, the black cable is marked Neutrik, the gray cable is marked CTRA Glide A/C Products, the gold cable is marked Wire World, and on the tip of the blue cable is marked switchcraft.

Lot - 40 M21-B

Selection of Handy Tools including four Channel Lock Pliers, there is also a grey plastic Toolbox with a removable top tray, Central Flex electrical tape, Superglue, Screwdrivers, Wire Cutters, two Hyde Putty Knives, Vice Grips, an Adjustable Wrench, Hammer, Three Ratchet and Socket Sets by Allied, O-Ratchet and Chieftain Automotive Products.

Lot - 41 Gal-B-2

Montague Lake Pleasant Fly Fishing Rod, 9 ft. It comes apart as seen in pictures and comes with a Canvas Fishing Rod Case.

Lot - 42 Gal-B-8

Scott High Performance Fly Fishing Rod A2 1007/4 4.2 oz 10'0" 7 line # 233490. It comes apart as seen in pictures and has a custom Scott Carrying Tube. This high performance fly rod was made in Telluride, Colorado.

Lot - 43 Gal-B-3

Daiwa Fly Fishing Rod Model No. PR-X 662MLFS 6'6" Medium Light Lure 1/8-3/8 oz. Line 4-10 lb. Made in Taiwan R.O.C. It also comes with a Daiwa Snap Out Spacer that allows line to be loaded.

Lot - 44 Gal-A-10

Daiwa Regal Silver Model 6013 Spinning 7' Rod 6-15lb test. It comes apart in two pieces. Fish will fear you.

Lot - 45 Gal-A-5

G. Loomis Stream Dance FR1085-4 GLX High Line Speed Fly Rod. It comes apart in pieces and has a custom gray flannel carrying bag. "where technology and performance meet"

Lot - 46 Gal-B-7

Scott STS908/3 9'0" Fly Rod 8 line 4.1 oz. It comes apart in pieces. There is also a custom fabric carrying case.

Lot - 47 Q-6

"Sentinel of Safety" by artist Gary Pageant, a Bronze sculpture of a miner checking for gas using a Methanometer created in 1984. It is mounted on a wooden block and measures 14 " tall. Gary was known throughout the Mining Industry for his many sculptures relating to mining. He passed away in 2016 at the age of 80.

Lot - 48 M18-C

Sony Stereo Power Amplifier model X-120 60 W +60 W. It comes with the cords as seen in pictures.

Lot - 49 M23-B

Thomas and Williams LTD Authentic Brass Miners Oil Lamp this is made in Wales model ETW. These have been used in coal mines for more than a century and have been virtually unchanged since the mid-1800s. Thomas and Williams have continuously produced them since 1860. It measures 10 1/2 " tall and comes with the original box.

Lot - 50 M14-A

Two signed Limited Edition Art in Cast Paper. This process begins with a drawing, a wax form is made, then a mold. Paper pulp is pressed into the mold and released when dry. Then the colors are applied by hand. No two are alike even when the same mold is used. These have the same unique double mat and frame. The first one is called Zuni Lizard # 5/250 signed x the artist Kevin Dyer, the second is Kokopelli # 5/250 signed x the artist Kevin Dyer. The frames measure 12 1/2 " x 12 1/2".

Lot - 51 Gal-C-5

Two Shabby Chic Styled Pink Chests, the first one has two sliding doors that open to reveal shelved storage and the other chest has three drawers. They are painted pink and would be perfect for a nursery or craft room. They each measure 36 " wide x 16 " deep x 30 " tall.

Lot - 52 Gal-C-5 shelf

Vintage Writing Desk with one narrow drawer in the front with dovetail joints and a secret divided compartment on the right hand side. The legs are beautifully turned. The desktop is made of one piece of wood. It measures 28 " wide x 18 1/2 " deep x 29 " tall.

Lot - 53 Gal-C-8

Antique Flip Top Game Table with Empire Styling. The top fips open to form a 36 " square playing surface. It is mounted on a beautifully crafted pedestal and four legs. Closed the table top measures 18 " wide. It is 29 " tall.

Lot - 54 Gal-C-5 middle

Gorgeous Antique Colonial Highboy Chest mounted on four cabriole Queen Anne legs. It has nine drawers that feature dovetail joints and fabulous hardware. The center plate features key etchutions. It comes with three keys. It measures 38 3/4 " x 18 3/4 " x 69 ".

Lot - 55 Gal-C-8

Vintage Drop Front Wooden Half Secretary Desk with one small inner drawer and nine open slots for papers. The front of the desk has a wonderful marquetry inlay design. There are two drawers at the front with magnificent drawer handle and key etchutions at the center of each. The key is in the drawer. It is supported by four tapered legs. It measures 26 " x 14 " x 39 1/2 ".

Lot - 56 War-4

Vintage House of Lords King Series Billiard Table Model No. K5A-963 by International Billiards Corporation.Made in Pittsburgh Penna. It has an automatic ball return. It comes with billiard balls as seen in pictures. One of the balls is damaged. It measures 113 " x 63 " x 30 1/2 ".

Lot - 57 Gal-C-4

Metal Billiards Cue Stick and Rack Floor Stand. The base is a metal circle and the cue stick are supported by two patterns of wire. It also comes with five cue sticks , a bridge stick and a triangular shaped rack by Saunier Wilhem Company.

Lot - 58 Gal-C-8

Fabulous Vintage Wooden Library Table, it is supported by two leg panels and a lower stretcher. There is a wonderful carved wooden trim around the edge. It measures 60 " x 19 1/2 " x 29 1/4".

Lot - 59 Gal-B-1

Chippendale Mirror with wonderful carved edging. The inner gilded frame closest to the mirror adds to the elegance. This elegant mirror comes complete and ready to hang. The three leaf and urn motif at the topped is painted and raised from the surface. It measures 18 " x 34 1/4 "

Lot - 60 Gal-C-5 middle

Modern Heavy Wire Wine Rack and Bar Table with a tempered glass top and a half glass shelf on the right hand side. Plenty of room for wine at the left hand side with racks for glassware on the right. It measures 36 " x 16 " x 39 1/2 ".