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Item # Description
Lot - 1 M26-C

Two Vintage Reproduction Prints designed by P. Casteels Engraved by H. Fletcher from the 1790 Collection of Robert Furber at Kensington. These include the months of September and March of his 12 Months of the Year of Flowers.

Lot - 2 M26-A

Fabulous Art Print of a Barn signed by the artist in the lower left hand corner. M. Marcman? It is beautifully matted and professionally framed and measures 18" wide by 15 1/2" tall. Canal in Autumn (1890) Reproduction Art Print by Henri Jourdain. Please note it is slipping out of it's double mat and frame that measures 25 1/2" wide by 22" tall. Spring Hill Pittsburgh Colored Pen & Ink Art Print signed by the artist F.G.B. '63. Professionally matted and framed. It measures 15" wide by 19 1/2" tall.

Lot - 3 Gal-C-4

White Dry Erase Board and Mobile Stand, it holds Dry Erase Markers and Erasers. It still has the plastic protective coating on the board. It measures 49 " wide by 56 1/2 " tall.

Lot - 4 Gal-C-4

Bedroom Chest, it features three drawers on top with two doors that open to reveal four pull out drawers. Made by Red Lion Table Company in Pennsylvania. It measures 28 " wide by 17/2 " deep by 50 " tall. This company started in 1907 and it's furniture was featured in the 1937 World's Fair House of Tomorrow. Pairs with item 5.

Lot - 5 Gal-C-2

Nightstand with one drawer on top and two slightly curved doors that open to reveal more storage. It measures 24 " wide by 16 " deep by 6" tall. Pairs with item 4.

Lot - 6 Gal-C-9

Set of four Nesting Tables with beautiful carvings on the top. There is a gilded design on the front and pull out hardware on the first table. Together, they measure 12 " wide by 20 " tall.

Lot - 7 War-6

Beautiful Vintage Roll Top Desk with more than 20 tiny drawers to keep your office supplies organized. There is a narrow center drawer with four drawers and a pullout shelf on each side. It measures 63" wide by 50"tall.

Lot - 8 M21-C

1958 Man's Rose Bowl OHIO Wrist Watch, it is engraved on the back Ohio State 1957 Edward J MacLean National Champions.

Lot - 9 Gal-C-2

Patio Armchair with a metal frame and plastic woven back. It comes with a striped seat cushion that is removable. The chair measures 24 " wide by 37 " tall. Also included is a brown plastic wicker Patio Settee made in China. It comes with a removable seat cushion. It measures 46 " wide by 34 " tall.

Lot - 10 Gal-C-8

Beautiful Marble Top Wash Stand with two drawers on top and two drawers beneath. The marble top has a backsplash with two shelves. It has dovetail joints and beautiful antique hardware. It measures 31 " wide by 17 " deep by 29 " tall.

Lot - 11 War-6

Fabulous Fold Back Desk with 14 small drawers to keep your office supplies organized. Please notice the beautiful pegged construction. There are four drawers on one side, the right side has a door with a pullout shelf above. There are round white China drawer pulls on a small interior drawers. It measures 56 " wide by 22 " deep by 49 1/2 " tall.

Lot - 12 War-9

Brown plastic Wicker Bistro Cafe Table and two Matching Chairs. The chairs measure 19" wide by 37 " high. The table measures 35 1/2 " in diameter by 30 " high.

Lot - 13 War-9

An Asian style Bistro Table and one matching Chair with a beautiful Greek key design and a centered motif. The table measures 27 1/2 " in diameter by 29 " tall and the chair is 36 " tall.

Lot - 14 War-8

Lovely Patio Set with a loveseat to armchairs and to matching Ottomans. There are seat cushions on the piece as well as seen pictures.

Lot - 15 War-7

KitchenAid 2 Burner Propane Gas Grill in red. Made of premium corrosion resistant materials, it comes in a compact size and features convenient foldable side shelves and heavy-duty stainless steel wrapped cooking grates. It has 457 square inch cooking area.

Lot - 16 M21-D

Selection of Vintage Albums including Duane Eddy, Elvis, Rick Nelson, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Paul McCarthy, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Rolling Stones and more. Please let the pictures be your guide. They are stored in a teal green milk crate.

Lot - 17 M21-C

Four reddish orange Dansk Pots and Pans with 2 lids. These are enameled and part of the International Designs LTD made in France. They have the famous X cross lids and wooden handles.

Lot - 18 M21-E

Fabulous Oriental Rug handwoven in Iran 100% wool pile in traditional patterns and colors, model MAR2X5. It a sold by Stickley Fine Furniture Co. The rug measures 60" long x 27 1/2' wide.

Lot - 19 M21-D

Amazing Persian Runner that was hand knotted in traditional patterns and colors. A ruler has been placed on the back so you can see the fine hand knotting. It measures 24 " wide by 112 " including the fringe.

Lot - 20 M21-D

Beautiful Oriental Runner that was hand knotted in traditional patterns and colors. A ruler has been placed on the back so you can see the fine hand knotting. It measures 151 " long by 30 " wide.

Lot - 21 M17-B

Beautiful Oriental Runner that was hand knotted in traditional patterns and colors. A ruler has been placed on the back so you can see the fine hand knotting. It measures 116 " long by 37 1/2 " wide.

Lot - 22 M21-F

Apple II Computer, please note the three number key is missing from the keyboard. It comes with everything that is seen in pictures.

Lot - 23 M21-C

Possible TECO Gates Pottery Vase number 297 Forrester designed Mid Century Lines. It measures 7 " high and the opening. It is 4 1/2 " in diameter.

Lot - 24 M21-B

Carved Wood 3 Dimensional "Oriental Servant Girl and Boy " Art by House of RanSu signed. A Gouache Print entitled Tranquility the artist is Brent Lambros it is framed in a silver tone frame and measures 22 " long by sixteen " wide.

Lot - 25 M21-A

Butterfly Emeralds Mixer and a Butterfly Spice Grinder as well as a Choudhary Multi-Mix Grinder Attachment, Sumeet Machine Smart Power model 19801.

Lot - 26 M21-B

Sunbeam Mixmaster Stand Mixer. It comes with the bowl, beaters, instruction and the original box.

Lot - 27 M21-D

Wooden Chess Board with inlaid wood in different colors and a lovely veneer pattern around it. There is felted on the back and it measures 17 " by 17".

Lot - 28 War-12

British Royal Crest Coat of Arms with the lion and the unicorn. Please note the top seems to be damaged some of the samples have a lion on top of the cron. It measures 61" wide by 38 1/2" tall.

Lot - 29 M21-B

Do It Yourself Hebrew and Greek by Edward W. Goodrick, Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell, simply Christian by N.T. Wright, Tortured For Christ by Richard Wurmbrand and two-volume Bible Commentary by F.C. Cook and seven volumes of a multiple volume Bible Commentary as seen in pictures.

Lot - 30 M21-F

Trapp's Commentary on the New Testament and 20 volumes of Christian Literature including the Exposition of the Epistle to the Galatians, Romans, The Saints Everlasting Rest, Expository Discourse on First Peter and more. Please let the pictures be your guide.

Lot - 31 M21-E

The Return of the King, The Two Towers, The Fellowship of the Rings and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien all of them are hardback. Also included is a Statue of the Lion Aslan, part of the Chronicles of Narnia and a Walt Disney collectible. The base measures 13 " long.

Lot - 32 M24-C

Twenty One Volume of The Harvard Classics published by Collier. Some volumes are missing is seen in pictures.

Lot - 33 M24-A

Vintage Knight Skeleton Clock that features a knight and with a sword and shield. Below are shields mounted in a circle that are decorated with the hours of the day, above and below the knight are shields decorated with dragons and other heraldry symbols. I believe the ropes are used to wind the clock. Condition unknown.

Lot - 34 M24-C

Eleven Volume Set of the Harvard Classics in maroon. Please let the pictures be your guide.

Lot - 35 M24-D

Vintage Rogar Estate Brass Table Top Wine Bottle Opener with a wooden stand and corkscrew. Also included is a Wine Bottle Opener and Foil Cutter. It comes in the original display case. The estate wine bottle opener is 27 " tall.

Lot - 36 M24-A

Lovely Antique A. W. Co. Waltham Pocket Watch and chain made in Waltham, Massachusetts number 15085. It is engraved with the initials RKG. Newport Coin. Please note it does have a second hand. Condition unknown.

Lot - 37 M24-A

Beautiful Antique Pocket Watch number 152593. It is marked warranted and has a cracked face is seen in pictures. The Arabic numerals and pink and white face design is unique. It comes with a watch chain and measures 2 1/8" diameter. Condition unknown.

Lot - 38 M24-A

Beautiful Antique Pocket Watch with Roman Numerals. Inside is a paper inset of a cherub Thornton Clock South Carolina. It has a wind-up keyhole in the back. It measures just over 2 " in diameter.

Lot - 39 M24-A

Vintage King's Sword Replica that reads ME MENTO METO MATER DEI MET along the handle and MONTA TANTO across the handle. This was the motto that appeared on the Spanish Royal Standard of the Catholic Kings from 1492-1506. It refers to both Catholic monarchs: Isabella and Ferdinand and loosely translates to: "As much as the one is worth, so much is the other." This meant that both King and Queen held equal authority. It measures 47 1/4 " long.

Lot - 40 M24-F

Collection of HLC Fiesta Dishware made in the USA. They come in a variety of colors. There are cups, saucers small plates and bowls. Please let the pictures be your guide as to color and measurements.

Lot - 41 M24-D

Vintage Cast Iron Grist Mill for grinding corn meal. The bowl tapers into grinding blades. There is a large wheel to hand turn the blades. Imprinted on the wheel ENTERPRISE M'F'G CO. PHILADELPHIA U.S.A. Imprinted on the hub that holds the blades and the wheel: "ENTERPRISE GRIST MILL. Imprinted on the bowl is NO. 50. The wheel measures 14 " in diameter.

Lot - 42 Gal-C-4

Wooden Library Ladder / Chair. It measures 34 1/4 " tall made in China by TEI. Great addition for any closet or Library space

Lot - 43 M24-A

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Heart Bracelet. It comes with the original blue box and it is marked Tiffany & Co. 1925 on the back of the Tiffany heart. It is has a bar close and weighs 38.7 grams.

Lot - 44 M24-A

Lovely Gold Chain Necklace with a Gold Cherub Pendant. It is marked 14K. It weighs 5 grams. It pairs with item 51.

Lot - 45 M24-A

Beautiful Gold Chain Necklace with unique square chains. It is marked Italy 14K and it weighs 6 grams.

Lot - 46 M24-B

Gold on Sterling Silver MM Rogers deigned Bracelet marked MM Roger 925 14K TAS and 2 Lovely Pendants, one with four polished stones and the other is hand hammered. Also included is a Turquoise and Silver Clip they are marked 925 as seen in pictures. A ruler has been placed by the jewelry and together they weigh 46.5 grams.

Lot - 47 M24-B

Gold Chain Necklace that is marked 14K, it weighs 14.2 grams. It is 18 " in length.

Lot - 48 M24-A

Beautiful Gold Chain Necklace with a repeating heart design in the front. It has five small possible diamonds set in the center hearts themselves.It is marked 14K and it measures 16 " in length and weighs 12.3 grams. It pairs with item 49.

Lot - 49 M24-B

Beautiful Gold Chain Bracelet with a repeating heart design. It has five small possible diamonds set in the center hearts themselves. It is 8" long and weighs 7 grams. It pairs with item 48.

Lot - 50 M24-B

Amazingly detailed Gold Crucifix and Gold Chain Necklace both are marked 14K and together they weigh 2.7 grams.

Lot - 51 M24-B

14K Gold Cherub Bracelet. It has one Cherub in the center of each of the ten large and small circle shapes. It is marked 585 and weighs 19.6 grams. It pairs with item 44.

Lot - 52 M24-B

Pair Gold Twisted Hoop Pierced Earrings and One Pierced Rams Hoop Earring that has two Rams heads meeting in the center. The pair of hoops measure 1" in diameter and the Rams earring that has the two Rams heads measures 3/4". Together, they weigh 4.7 grams.

Lot - 53 M24-B

Lovely Gold Chain Necklace, it is marked Italy 14K. It is 20 1/2 " long and weighs 3.4 grams.

Lot - 54 Gal-A-9

"Hello Winter" An Original Oil Painting of a Barn in the snow at sunset. It is signed by the artist B. Sniedze. It is framed in a carved wooden frame that measures 41 " wide by 29 1/2 " tall. It is marked on the back B. Sniedze Hela Ziemas (Latvian for Hello Winter) 1968.

Lot - 55 Gal-A-9

An Original Watercolor of a landscape perhaps the jungle, signed in the lower left hand corner by the artist Lilta '70. It is matted and framed under glass in a dark wooden frame. Please note it has slipped. It measures 37 " wide by 29 3/4 " tall.

Lot - 56 Gal-A-9

Very Moving Original Oil Painting of a Father Praying for a Son in Battle. It is signed by the artist T. C. Rinberg? It measures 30 " wide by 38 " tall.

Lot - 57 M24-E

Beautiful Persian Runner in traditional colors and patterns it has fringe at both ends. A ruler has been placed on the back so you can see the fine hand knotting. It measures 31 1/2 " wide by 101 " including the fringe.

Lot - 58 Gal-AS-1

Charming Rectangular Mirror that is mounted in a gilded and wooden frame that is carved on the edges. It measures 23 " wide by 27 " tall

Lot - 59 Gal-AS-1

Two Lovely Oval Mirrors with rare Oval Wooden Frames. There is a Morton – 01 Painting on the back. These were made by the Uttermost Company in Virginia. They each measure 27 1/2 " tall.

Lot - 60 M24-B

Gold Chain Necklace with a Pendant , this has a possible jem tone set with a leaf attached to a smaller diamond/CZ chip? It is from Italy and it is marked 14K. It weighs 6.1 grams and is a ruler has been placed beside it. Please let the pictures be your guide.